Stepping Stones Center of Excellence is owned and operated by Stepping Stones Community Services, LLC.

Welcome to Stepping Stones Center of Excellence, where every day is filled with fun learning experiences! Each day, caring and attentive teachers provide your child with countless opportunities to grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically in a safe and loving environment. Stepping Stones Center of Excellence warm and nurturing environment has been designed to help your little one flourish each and every day. At Stepping Stones Center of Excellence, your child will learn in a fun, safe and caring space where they have the freedom to discover their world as they build a foundation for the person they will become. Stepping Stones Center of Excellence provides the highest quality child care services for our future generation. Purposeful engaging play is an important vehicle for children’s learning.  When they play in meaningful ways, children learn about themselves, other people, and the world around them.  As they play, children acquire language, learn to solve problems, learn to control their behavior and feelings, and explore social roles.  The interactions between teachers and children during play are critical to their learning.  Teachers facilitate this learning as they carefully observe children’s play to determine the most appropriate levels and types of support to offer.



After-School Age

School Age Summer Camp

Our facility accepts children between the ages of 6 weeks-12 years.

Our long term program goals include helping children:

  • To become creative, independent thinkers;
  • To feel competent, productive and self-reliant, as well as fostering good self-esteem and a sense of self-worth;
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for their own mental and physical health;
  • To understand that they are a part of a diverse, multicultural, global community and that their actions influence the quality of the community;
  • To foster the value that many kinds of intelligences-linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical, physical, spatial and personal-are valuable and important to our community; and,
  • To encourage the development of higher moral reasoning, helping children to develop into adults with an internalized code of ethics and principles.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers are trained and certified to care for your little ones. Our teachers are also experts at identifying each child’s developmental progression including when it’s time for them to start learning a new skill or ability. From your child’s first food, to taking their first steps or learning how to write their name, our teachers are here to help your family recognize your child’s readiness to advance and will facilitate and guide their growth across all areas of development.