CBRF Trainings

CBRF Courses

Please contact our office at 414-595-0449 to register for courses.

Medication Administration Course $ 180.00

This is a 14 hour course that is an introduction to the medication administration processes that need to be applied when administering medications.

Fire Safety Course $ 100.00

This is a three hour course that covers causes of fire, prevention of fires, safety before, during and after a fire.

Standard Precautions Course $ 90.00

This is a two hour course that covers proper hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, using gloves correctly, blood-borne pathogens, other transmission-based precautions, and information regarding common viruses and bacteria.

First Aid and Choking Course $ 130.00

This is a four hour course that includes what to do in different cases of medical and nonmedical emergencies.


CBRF “Primary 4” Courses Packages $ 500.00

Medication Administration, First Aid and Choking, Fire Safety and Standard Precautions

Primary 4 + Getting & Keeping Employment $ 725.00

Primary 4 courses, Getting & Keeping Employment, Interviewing Skills, Resume Writing, Conflict Resolution, Accepting Constructive Criticism, Budgeting, and much more.

CBRF Premium Training Package $ 850.00

This package includes Medication Administration, First Aid and Choking, Fire Safety, Standard Precautions, Resident Rights, Dietary Needs, Needs Assessment/ISP, Client Group Specific and Challenging Behaviors.

CBRF Refresher Courses

Medication Administration Refresher $ 100.00

Fire Safety Refresher $ 75.00

Standard Precautions Refresher $ 65.00

First Aid & Choking Refresher $ 90.00

CBRF “Primary 4” Refresher Courses $ 330.00

CBRF Trainings are available both virtually and in-person. Classes are offered daytime, evenings and weekends to accommodate busy schedules.

Upon successful completion of class, participants will be placed on the Wisconsin CBRF Employee Registry.

Courses are eligible for WIOA funding through Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD).

If you have any questions contact us at (414) 595-0449 or by emailing us at info@mysteppingstone.org