Our Legacy…

Growing green plants on soil

Lakesha Reid, the founder and CEO of Stepping Stones Community Services, LLC, is also the founder of S.E.L.F., Inc. Our organization is committed to building a legacy of success and empowerment in our community. At S.E.L.F., we provide education, training, and resources to help individuals and families achieve their goals, and we work closely with community organizations to promote prosperity and address economic and public health issues.

Our goal is to establish a reputation for being innovative, dedicated, and compassionate in our work, and to have a lasting impact on the lives of the people we serve. We want to be known for making a positive difference in the community, and to have this impact recognized and remembered as a positive legacy.

As active members of the community ourselves, we understand the unique needs and desires of those we serve, and we tailor our programs and services to better meet their needs and create meaningful impact. Through our work with youth and adults, we strive to create a positive environment where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.Join us in our mission to build a stronger, more resilient community that helps everyone achieve their goals and create a legacy of success.