Our Mission

Stepping Stones Community Services, LLC provides individuals, families and the community with the tools to overcome everyday obstacles one step at a time.

Our Vision

Overcoming obstacles for community transformation.

Meet the Founder
LaKesha Reid

Letter From The Founder


My name is LaKesha Reid and I am Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stepping Stones Community Services, LLC.  I started Stepping Stones Community Services with one mission: Provide individuals and families with the tools to achieve their goals regardless of their circumstances. We achieve our mission when you:

  • Complete training and receive employment placement
  • Learn the skills needed to become a better parent, husband, wife, employee…
  • Learn to address your trauma and heal from within
  • Settle disagreements through mediation
  • Travel to a new medical facility to assist while showcasing your amazing skills
  • Honestly, this list could go on forever….

While the rest of our website focuses on what we do and how we do it, I want to explain why we do what we do.  With our nation experiencing inflation, food shortages and a rise in mental health and opioid addiction.  Our goal is to become an agency that is able to provide resources/trainings that will help address a variety of issues that families are faced with daily.

Our vision or long-term goal is to create a program where parents will be able to drop off their child(ren) at Stepping Stones Childcare Center and proceed upstairs for their CBRF, CNA and/or CPR classes. Parents may stay for ‘Within MySELF” trauma informed group to learn the tools needed to heal from their internal trauma to prevent it from being passed on to their children. We have to break the generational curse that many families are faced with.  On weekends, parents may attend mediation sessions, and parenting classes while the children are outside learning about Agriculture.  The children will learn about gardening, harvesting, healthy eating and how to make healthy meals.  The entire family can also attend Family Strengthening classes where the parents/guardians as well as the children are learning the skills together. We will continue to expand our services until we are able to make this vision a reality. I will not stop working until it is a reality. 

As we continue to develop new programs for individuals, families and the community– it’s our commitment to live out our values: educate many, communicate well, provide opportunities and have fun along the way. That’s how we do our best work.

We look forward to taking steps forward with you!

LaKesha Reid