Mediation Services

Mediation allows individuals to meet with a neutral third party mediator to work on solutions to the issues that bring them to court. Mediation at Stepping Stones Community Services, LLC is reasonably priced, confidential and scheduled more quickly than a court date.  In many instances, parties can work with a mediator to find a solution acceptable to both of them and reduce or eliminate the need for court appearances.

Please be aware that all parties must agree to participate in mediation services.

  • Divorce/Family
  • Small/Large Claims
  • Community Issues
  • Business/Employee
  • Education Related Issues
  • Truancy
  • Child Custody/Placement
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Juvenile

Upon completing the inquiry form for mediation services, our staff will contact you to collect preliminary information as well as contact information for the other party.  

Please be aware that all parties must agree to participate in mediation services.  Our staff will contact the other party to obtain their preliminary information.  We will work with parties to schedule a mutually agreed upon date and time for the mediation session to take place. 

In most cases parties are able to come to a mutual agreement in the first mediation session. This session is scheduled for 1.5 hours at a rate of $130.00. If additional time is required it will be scheduled in 1 hour increments at a rate of $50.00/hour.

The first mediation session is often scheduled within 10 business days from the referral date. Please note: This time frame is dependent on each parties availability.

Payments & Discounts

A downpayment/scheduling fee of half the invoice amount will be charged at the time of scheduling. The remaining balance must be paid upon arrival for mediation session. All invoices must be made in cash or by credit/debit card.  Please note that the downpayment/scheduling fee is Non-Refundable.  

We also offer a BUY NOW, PAY LATER*** option. This allows individuals to split the cost of their invoice into 4 smaller payments.

***Please note the BUY NOW, PAY LATER option includes third party charges.