Focusing on addressing the social needs of our community and providing opportunities for individuals to become self-sufficient, at S.E.L.F., we offer a variety of services to help individuals and families achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. We work closely with community organizations to promote prosperity and address economic and public health issues.

At S.E.L.F., we are committed to tailoring our programs and services to better meet the unique needs of those we serve. The eligibility for funding that our non-profit arm receives allows us to offer similar programs as our for-profit arm to a greater community. Join us in our mission to build a stronger, more resilient community that empowers everyone to thrive.

Our youth services provide opportunities to develop social-emotional skills, build healthy relationships and community connections, develop a sense of purpose, and avoid risky behaviors.

  • “UP TOP” Teen Outreach Program
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Our adult services include education and training programs to help individuals improve their job readiness, financial literacy, and parenting skills. We also provide resources and support to address mental health and addiction issues.

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Our family services include mediation and conflict resolution, trauma-informed groups, and parenting classes to help families improve communication, strengthen relationships, and address challenges together.

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