Family Support Services

Parenting Support Services

This one-on-one service that actively develops the skills necessary to parent, manage a home and/or maintain suitable housing. These conditions affect child safety. This service may also include going into the home and observing the parent/child relationships, providing some level of supervision to the parent/child relationship or providing similar services involving the family as a unit. This service provides an active, ongoing assessment of family stresses which affect safety and may result in necessary action. The emphasis here is that the provision of service will assist in controlling one or more of the identified and described influences which place the child’s safety in the home in question. This service often helps to control for conditions created by a parent’s reaction to stress, a parent being inconsistent about caring for children, a parent reacting impulsively and a parent having inappropriate expectations of children. 

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Parenting Education Groups

Our parenting class series teach, monitor, model and assist with parenting skill development in a group setting. These skills may include learning and understanding how to: 

  • Identify typical stages of youth development and employ appropriate expectations 
  • Maintain appropriate roles and responsibilities within the family 
  • Access health and wellness services (WIC, medical clinics, health insurance, etc.) 
  • Utilize effective, non-physical, non-abusive alternatives/methods of behavior management 
  • Utilize techniques that nurture, praise and support their youth in home, school and community settings 
  • Utilize community supports that address parenting needs and concerns 
  • Advocate for the child’s enrollment in school, problem-solving school related behavioral issues, etc. 
  • and much more….

Crisis Services

Crisis Services are intensive, short-term services provided to children and adolescents who present with thoughts, emotions and/or behaviors requiring additional skilled professional intervention to stabilize their current situation and prevent the need for a higher level of care.  

  • Crisis Stabilization is a one-on-one mental health based intervention service with the primary purpose of responding to crises. 
  • Crisis-Tracking is intended to be a short-term mental health intervention that typically includes daily contact (face-to-face or by phone) with the youth surrounding a specific circumstance or situation as identified in the youth’s crisis and/or safety plan. 
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Mentoring Services

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Supervised Visitation Services

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