Youth MKE Mentoring Program


Youth of all ages!!!

four men sitting on platform

Must reside in the Milwaukee County

Open enrollment Groups meet once weekly Contact with their mentor weekly or more

What makes YOUTH MKE different from the rest?

We work to equip teens with the tools and opportunities to build social-emotional skills, strengthen relationships, avoid risky behaviors, and build a powerful vision for their future. YOUTH MKE youth become prepared to navigate life’s challenges through their teenage years – and beyond – as well as making a difference in their communities.

Our YOUTH MKE youth program focuses on building social-emotional skills, developing a positive sense of self, and making a difference in our community.

YOUTH MKE groups meet once weekly. Youth will have have 24/7 access to their mentor and will meet with them at least once weekly. Youth will be provided transportation assistance to sessions (if needed). 

Some of the topics and activities youth will experience are:

  • Healthy relationship education
  • Communication and assertiveness
  • Critical thinking and external influences
  • Goal setting
  • Decision-making and personal reflection
  • Exploring values
  • Health, wellness, and self-understanding 
  • Home Management (Cooking, Cleaning, Budgeting, Credit/Banking, Shopping, etc…)
  • Employment Readiness (Job searches, mock interviews, resumes/cover letters, etc…)
  • Community service learning (Giving back to the community)
  • Experiential Learning field trips
  • and much more…

Please contact our office for enrollment information

414-595-0449 or